Kaltura Mediaspace: Sharing content

Content that you own in “My Media” can be shared outside of Trinity, regardless whether you uploaded it within Moodle, or Mediaspace. However, sharing can only be done via Mediaspace.

  • Login to Mediaspace in the upper right corner by clicking on “Guest.”  Under your name choose My Media to open your personal library.
  • Click on the film you want to share.  Underneath the player, there is an “Actions” menu. Choose “Publish” then either “Unlisted” or “Published.”
  • Under the “Share” tab you will find options to copy the direct link, embed the video in another page, or send it via email. If you are embedding a video into a WordPress page, copy the embed code that begins with <iframe … and paste this into the “Html” or “Code” view of your WordPress block or page. If this doesn’t work, try removing “[streamerType]” from the code that you copy/paste. You can also find the embed code by clicking the share icon on the player frame.