Using Qualtrics for Survey Research

Tip of the Week

There are many ways to field a survey online including free services such as Google Forms and Survey Monkey. But what if your survey requires some complex logic or you need to track participants and automate the process of sending reminders and follow up emails? Trinity College has a subscription with Qualtrics, a powerful and flexible survey tool used by many top researchers. While it does take some getting used to it is easy to use and is powerful and flexible enough for any survey research you can throw at it.

To get started simply go to and create an account by clinking the link for “Trinity Single Sign On”. You will then have access to a sandbox area where you can design a survey and see if it is the tool for you. Before your account is fully activated we will require proof that you have completed the Institutional Review Board process. When you are ready, please submit a help ticket with your IRB approval to request activation.

No longer need your account?

Please log in and delete all content from your account. Then submit a help ticket to permanently delete your account.

Did you know?

  • Technical support is available directly from Qualtrics. Click the “?” icon in the upper right corner upon logging in and then click the “Contact Support” button.
  • Tutorials and documentation are available on the Qualtrics website.
  • Qualtrics has introduced features to improve accessibility of surveys.